What Are The Different Types Of Leggings?

What Are The Different Types Of Leggings?

Depending on your needs here are of the differences:

By Length:

¾-length leggings, also called mid-calf leggings - those that are cut off between the ankle and knees.

Full length leggings – this type of legging covers the entire leg and stretches over the feet

Knee-length leggings - They end right below the knee. Shorter than mid-calf leggings.

By Style:

Colored leggings - Leggings that have the contemporary vibes, colors, and prints. They look cheerful on everyone.

Pattern leggings - The leggings that are with different patterns. Common ones include galaxy pattern, leopard pattern, snake pattern, geometric pattern, and so on.

Leather Leggings - Leggings that are made of leather or artificial leather

By Production Technology:

1. Seamless Leggings:

The material used for seamless leggings is knitted with knitting machine. Stitching is only present on the inner leg. Material used for seamless leggings is generally much more lightweight, with better stretch and shape retention. With seamless leggings you feel a lot more comfortable and get more freedom during workout, compared to generic leggings or standard leggings

2. Standard leggings or Generic Leggings

Standard leggings are created through cutting and sewing. Fabric is cut first and then sewn together, This is more of a traditional method of clothing manufacturing. Quality of standard leggings are up to choices of fabric and quality control during cutting and sewing. Compared to seamless leggings, they are less stretchable and hold up your body tighter.