What is Tefin3 Elas collection

What is Tefin3 Elas collection

Tefin3 Elas collction is designed for high support workout,  fitness. Meanwhile we combined women's activewear and women's casual wear together. So we took fabric option, color and outline design into consideration when we creat Elas at the very beginning. Elas collection is a one stone two birds women activewear set.

Features of Tefin3 Elas collection

1. High waisted tummy control leggings

High waisted leggings will help keep your extra body fat tucked in and non-slippery. These leggings come with a few size and can be worn by most, no matter what kind of figure they have. It not only stay clung to your body, but also serve as high-quality support for your waist and legs. Furthermore, as they go high on the waist, they help size the waist part giving a more refined look.

2. squat-proof leggings

Thinner legging fabrics are more likely to highlight all of the body’s natural little lines and lumps. Normally thinner fabric has a lower density so it can not provide ample coverage as you move, stretch and bend. Fabric with GSM over 210g is thick enough so the leggings don't become see-through. The GSM of Tefin3 Elas training leggings fabric is 220g.

Our fabric consist of 75% Nylon and 25% spandex. This high elastic fabric allows the leggings to expand and contract without losing their original shape. Big fans of leggings easily catch the softness of our fabirc. You can guess how many Denier its yarn is.

3. No camel toe

The most common culprit of camel toe with leggings is a front seam that runs right through the center of your crotch, creating tension and unwanted cleavage down there. Our elas training leggings has no front seam and designed crotch gusset shape helps with the longevity of leggings and also helps reduce the potential for camel toe by shifting seams away from the area. Choosing leggings without front rise seam is wise.

Someone prefer darker color legggins as black, gray to avoid camel toe. But is it the best choice? Flattering design is the point.

4. Butt lifting curves

5. Leggings with pockets

leggings with pockets allow you to bring anything as phone, keys, cards,wallet that fits into your pocket wherever you choose to go. Do you want to work out hands-free? Do you want to leave your bag behind? Put this pair of leggings with pockets in your wardrobe.

6. Race back sports bra


7. inner-inserted high elastic ribbon on waist

This flat and inner-inserted high elastic ribbon provide high support as you move. Feeling of your waist being holded by something strong but not that tight will give your more confidence when you sweat in gym.